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Fiberglass Mesh

It is made from fiberglass fiber as its basic material, then treated by alkali-resistant macromolecule latex. It has excellent properties like high alkali-resistance; good cohesion, flexibility, tensile strength, etc. Coated fiberglass mesh can be widely used in wall heat reservation system, water-proof and preventing cracks.


- Coated with acrylic-acid copolymer liquid, these products have a flat and clean surface, rich sense of touching and excellent position-fixation

- These products are acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and anti-aging. Softness and color can be made according to customers requirement.

- The quality of products is stable through the seasons. The products are shrink-wrapped, and their color and quality will not change after the products being stored for 6 months.

Fiberglass Mesh widely used in reinforcing light wallboard, internal and external wall, building component, and plaster products; besides, they can also be sticked on the back of mosaic, marble and other stone materials of superior-quality. They are the most ideal building materials for reinforcement and are widely used during the innovation process of building materials for external wall.

Mesh(mm) weight(g/m2) Width(m) Length(m)
3 × 3 80-160 1, 2 500, 100
4 × 4
5 × 5
8 × 8 125 0.6 - 1.0 50, 100
10 × 10
12 × 12